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Attention: Australian Whovians

4th, Dec. 2009 | 10:08 pm
I feel: numbnumb

Doctor Who. The Waters of Mars. ABC, Sunday at 7.30. Be there, watch it and witness the one who never loses control, finally crack.
Rose, you will be needed on standby for emergency Doctor-therapy.

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The Waters of Mars.

16th, Nov. 2009 | 10:45 pm
I feel: nauseatednauseated

Hello? Rose? Um, yea, hi. Just calling... Have you got a moment? Thanks. Ah, well, kind of need your help... It's... yeah. Yeah, it's bad. Disrupting the space-time continuum sort of bad... Uh huh... Do you mind? Oh, wonderful. I am so sorry, but he's cracked and... Yeah, I'll have him ready. Therapy session start for 9am? Excellent. No, thank you, you are a miracle worker and... The Doctor will be beyond ecstatic to see you... Certainly. Yeah... And jelly babies... Of course, sure... Yes, see you in a second... you know... TARDIS...

Head hurts; David Tennant is something divine, if it hasn't already been confirmed; and I need time to process the new episode before the slop that is my brain, seeps from my ears.

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How about a magic trick?

22nd, Feb. 2009 | 10:53 pm
I feel: hopefulhopeful

The Dark Knight is just divine. So brilliant, in many aspects.
If Ledger does not receive a posthumous Oscar, a Joker-like chaotic rampage, courtesy of myself, may be in line.

On a more general note, University orientation is tomorrow. It's late, I'm about to head into bed and my things are not even organised for the following morning.
If it is a precedent of the next year, should I be worried?

One hopes I enjoy myself, relatively, tomorrow. It's a new environment and knowing me, it could prove agonising...
No. Positivity.


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14th, Feb. 2009 | 09:33 am
I feel: sicksick

I've never had an operation before, and while it was only my wisdom teeth being extracted, I couldn't help a little anxiety. Sometimes I get anxious, naturally. Being a paronoid person has that effect.
There were quite a few people who were going in and coming out, so that was rather distressing.
As for the actual operation, I think there weren't any problems. It was the aftermath that was a little strange.

Just before I was going to be discharged, the nurse checked my pulse and blood pressure for a final time. My blood pressure was a little elevated, but my heart rate was fluxing around 145. It should have been nearing to 80.
So, I was to wait. My mother had arrived, so she sat with me, but I could feel my anxiety go up and up - I was freaking out, a notion to which the nurse was doubtful of (I honestly thought she didn't believe me). I wasn't going to lie to her, so what else was I supposed to admit? I was disstressed and everytime I thought about my heart rate, it jumped.

In the end, the anaethetist had to come in and check me himself. I had taken more painkillers, the nurse thinking it was the pain that was causing my heart rate to rise. My heart was profiled and he checked it, etc. It was regular, just fast. At this time, we'd been there an extra two and a half hours and it was 9pm.

I chose to come home. They were questioning whether to admit me overnight, as I was only a day patient, in order to moniter my heart rate. Whoa. Wave of nausea.

*sigh* I haven't thrown up this morning, but once I returned home... I'll spare the details.
It's not been pleasant. Plus, I hate taking medication.

Alright. I need to try and rest my eyes, fight this nausea. The pain killers won't absorb. Erg.
But I am okay. I just detest this.
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My kind of fun...

13th, Feb. 2009 | 12:57 pm
I feel: nauseatednauseated

Just bathe in the sarcasm.

I'm heading to the hospital to have my wisdom teeth removed. I'll be home by nightfall to illustrate the state of my well being.

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Meme: "You make my day."

13th, Feb. 2009 | 10:07 am
I feel: cheerfulcheerful

Tagged by humansrsuperior. ❤

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

My list of LJ love.Collapse )
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Beyond disaster.

10th, Feb. 2009 | 11:41 am
I feel: groggygroggy

It is a tragedy surpassing Ash Wednesday of 1983. Death toll, now at 175, and rising. Towns, wiped out.
Victoria's bushfire disaster has reached international media as a "terror" of unimaginable scale.
Places such as Marysville, a town of historical significance dating back past 100 years, is now non-existent. 98% has been either burned to the ground, exploded in the heat or melted into the earth.
It's like an atomic bomb went off.

In Kingslake, the epicentre of the bushfires, witnesses vowed it was "raining fire". The wind was so violent that the fire was a storm "travelling at 100km/h down the hill." No one, no matter what your fire plan is, can be prepared for that.
People perished trying to save their houses. Others, swarmed by a tidal wave of fire as they sped away in their cars. Many of the dead were those who rushed to escape by their vehicles. It's bloody heart-wrenching.

Living hours away from where these fires are, whilst knowing people who are still under threat, I (along with other Australians) appreciate the support that is incoming for those who have lost their lives and homes. The bushfires in question are actually still raging, of which a lot people do not realise. Praise and bless the CFS crews who are risking themselves to help and save.
It will be years before some may find peace, if they ever do. However, I do hope, while it is highly possible that such an event could once more come to pass in the future, given the change in our climate, a bushfire disaster is never experienced at this magnitude, again.

Please consider donating to places like The Salvation Army. Quite a few "Bushfire Appeals" are being established throughout Australia and internationally.
Anything, at this time, is needed. A lot of work is set for those who have lost virtually everything.

If it's any gage of the seriousness of this tragedy, Victoria's bushfire disaster has made the Front Page of the BBC News.
For full coverage and more information, visit: BBC NEWS - Australia's Fires or Yahoo! - Victorian Bushfires.

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A paint job.

31st, Jan. 2009 | 03:24 pm
I feel: stressedstressed

While cajun_voodoo's layout design was absolutely stunning and served as my journal skin-of-choice for the better part of several years, I need a change.

Plus, the site has undergone various shifts in settings over the last year or so, and the format was all skewed.
Thus, my Livejournal needed a huge clean and subtle paint job. I'm not well adept at CSS, so there's no hope in fully customising it to my complete satisfaction.
However, for the moment, it will do.

Although... to apply a header would be lovely.
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Hello up there!

31st, Jan. 2009 | 09:36 am
I feel: aggravatedaggravated

Mind turning the heat down?

If I haven't mentioned already, I shall do so now: I hate summer. It just so happens that living in Australia does not, at all, help that loathing. The heat is dreadful and it irritates me until I'm just angry all day.
It's not pleasant, this 40+ degree heatwave. Our city had the hottest day in 70 years, at 45.7 degrees Celcius, only short of a week ago and to add, it could continue for over another week. Wonderful.
I cannot sleep in such heat.

Is it winter yet?

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